1. To encourage the Club to play football at the highest level possible, but always operating within a framework of responsible and prudent financial management (Financial sustainability).
  2. To foster close working relationship of the Club with its stakeholders and the community, to promote transparency in club operations and also to ensure that the views of stakeholders and the community are taken into account in the operations of the club.
  3. To create an environment where players develop psychologically and tactically so that they win all the games and to the Club’s players a creative, attacking and possession-style football built on foundation of strong technical skills.
  4. To promote and foster discipline in all levels of the club structure and ensure that the players are role models to the community.
  5. To ensure fair play and respect for rules relating to football
  6. To provide entertainment and leisure to the entire nation through football.
  7. To promote an environment in which the community and the corporate develop a love of the game of football and enable corporate promote their products and services through the Club.
  8. As competitive club, to strike to win every game in a manner consistent with the club’s vision and philosophy.
  9. To be the highest revenue generating club in the country.

4.2 Club Governance Structure and Management

The day to-day operations of the Club are managed by the Executive Committee which is supported by the Technical Panel.  The Executive Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Technical Panel which comprises the Head Coach, Deputy Coach, Team Manager, Goalkeeper trainer, kit master reports to the Executive Committee reports to the Executive Committee. The Club also has an administrator who manages the finance and administrative part of the Club.

The Board has the following members: Mr. Kelvin Mmangisa (Chairman), Dr. MacDonald Mafuta Mwale, Mr. Chikumbutso Kalilombe, Mr. Paul Chimimba, Mr. Rodrick Chataika, Mrs. Gaulphine Nyirenda, Mr. Nasser Tayub, Ms Meg Kajiyanike, Mr. Antione, and Mr. Sinsamala. Executive Committee has the following members: Mr. Ralph Tseka (Chairman), Mr. Goodal Chinjoka (Vice Chairman), Mr. Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda (General Secretary), Mr. Patrick Mbiriyakula (Treasurer), Mr. Andrew Mpakule (Vice Treasurer), Mr. Lawrence Yobe (member), Mr. Assedi Mgomba (member), Mr. Innocent Kadammanja (member).

The Technical Panel has the following key personnel: Mr. Young Chimodzi (Head Coach), Mr. Lovemore Fazili (Deputy Coach), Mr. Francis Songo (Team Manager), Mr. Sibusiso Padambo (goal keeper trainer). The Club’s Youth Team has the following key personnel: Mr. Rodrick Gonani (Head Coach), Mr. Patrick Mangani (Deaputy Coach) and Mr. Davie Moya (Team manager). Mr.  Shenard Kamapoto is the Club’s administrator/accounts officer.